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World of We Are One

We Are One, written and illustrated by Jennifer Black, is a rhythmic poem accompanied by vibrant illustrations that speaks to children and to the child within us all of unity. It is a gentle reminder that no matter what our nationality, gender, faith, species, shape, size, color, or that we make different sounds and see things individually. We are all essentially the same.

In remembrance of our unity we respect and love each other to establish peace and harmony in our lives and on the planet.

Through vibrant images and melodic verse, ‘We Are Love’ explores the source of love and shares how it can be found in all aspects of our lives.

Love is the power of the universe.

It shines through every star.

Love lights up everything you see.

Love is who You are.

This message empowers and reminds all beings, young and old, that the essence of our existence is founded and created by Love.

We Are One
We Are One $16.95

We Are Love
We Are Love $16.95

Exploration Cards
Exploration Cards $15.95

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