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Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers is the scribe & teacher of two timeless spiritual teachings:

The Teachings of Inner Ramana and The Holy Spiritís Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI). Regina teaches NTI, Inner Ramana & related spiritual teachings extensively from her hometown in Pueblo, Colorado and at conferences, retreats & gatherings around the world. To hear Regina's audio teachings, visit

The Keys To NTI

The Keys To NTI


The Keys to NTI can be Pre-ordered here at a discounted price of $6.50 for a single copy.

Please call for discounts available for multiple copies:

$6 per for 2 to 4 copies and $5 per copy for orders of 5 copies or more.*

*Plus shipping. Will be shipped after received from printer. Aprox. Oct 1, 2012.

Limited time pricing.

This is an abridged version of "The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament: A Course in Understanding and Acceptance," also known as NTI (New Testament interpretation). NTI is a metaphysical interpretation that points to non-dualism or oneness as divine truth. It was received from within by an average woman who read the Bible after asking for truth to be revealed to her. She promised to release what she had been taught to believe in order to learn what God would have her know.

NTI is a teaching about our one divine Self. It helps us realize Self by pointing out obstacles to that realization and by providing simple practices that help us transcend those obstacles. Many people find NTI helpful and easy to understand. However, no teaching is for everyone. This abridged version is provided as a sampling of the wisdom taught in NTI. It is made available to help you discover if NTI is right for you. The chapters in this version are the chapters most often called "favorites" by students of NTI. We simply call them "the keys."

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