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Welcome to the Diamond Clear Vision

Diamond Clear Vision is a publishing imprint of Illumination Arts, LLC.

A Course In Miracles Sparkly Order

A Course In Miracles

Bill and Helen's first edit of A Course In Miracles. This is the Sparkly Edition, also known as the Thetford Edition of A Course In Miracles.
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Quantum Reggae

Quantum Reggae

For over thirty years I have wondered at the amazing legacy of Bob Marley, at his dazzling success and huge impact on this world. On May 12th, 2009, a mind-blowing explanation began coming to me through a wonderful process of inner inspiration that I most gladly joined in. This book contains thirty-seven new songs and the entire concept of Quantum Reggae described in full, including three new realities for Rasta.
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It is our desire that this collaborative publishing venture be a way of opening our human constellations of Light to extend the purpose of the Source from which we all shine.

While IlluminArts specializes in award-winning children’s books, Diamond Clear Vision will publish inspired books for the GREAT AWAKENING that is taking place within man and mankind. The “guidance and direction” for both the publishing staff and authors alike comes from listening within for direct communication or what in contemporary terminology has become known as a “download” from the One Whole Universal Mind of truth, wisdom and understanding which we all share in as Children of the Light.

Clarity and Lucidity are functions of Light. Light and understanding are one and the same. It is our hope that these books fulfill their function and further the purpose of our Souls as we grow in appreciation, gratitude and love for the ONENESS of all life.

We warmly invite you to visit our emerging space often and begin to allow our site to be a vehicle of communication for our Brotherhood of Light. We look forward to and welcome your thoughts on what we have already published. We are dedicated to continue to make manifest material sourced in TRUTH and share a glow that can enlighten our minds and inflame our hearts.

These titles are available for secure online purchase by selecting them in the Our Books menu above. Thank you for coming by!

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